5 Poses That Make A Wedding Photo Album Look Glorious

The wedding is possibly the most special moment in a couple’s lives. As a Wedding Photographer, it is your duty to capture the best moments of the day and make them last a lifetime. In addition to capturing the happenings in the ceremony, it is always a great idea to request the couple to set aside some time to pose for pictures after the ceremony. This will ensure that you have the time to work your magic and make their day even more special. Let’s take a look at 5 poses that you could capture and make the Wedding Photo album look glorious.

Sleeping on the Grass:

Ask the bride and groom to lie down in the grass facing opposite directions. Then make the bride put her hands gently on the groom’s face and ask them to close their eyes while you capture the shot from above. This makes for an excellent playful yet romantic pose that you can be sure the couple will love.

Wedding Dance:

This need not be captured during the actual wedding dance. The actual wedding dance is sure to be crowded and it would be awkward and intruding if you go about clicking pictures pushing people about. Hence, for the perfect Wedding Dance shot, take the couple alone out onto the street. Use the lights of an approaching car or simply place your focus light behind them and use it to take a stunning picture like the one below.

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A Private Moment:

This pose can be taken indoors. Have the couple sit relaxed on the floor at a corner of a room. Make them smile and gaze into each other, just as they would before a kiss and capture the moment from above by making use of stairs or a portable ladder. It should turn out something like this.

The Shadow Kiss:

This shot is a classic that is often used in the movies. That’s what makes it so interesting and surreal. Take the couple to a calm and secluded location and place your focus light behind them. Then, have a white umbrella lean on their faces while they kiss. The light will create a beautiful shadow on the umbrella for you to capture.

Her Protector:

This shot is perfect if you have a light drizzle or rain during the photo shoot. Have the groom take out his coat and shield the bride with it while they kiss out in the open.