Best Ideas for Dating Anniversaries

Anniversaries are usually looked upon by men. Why do we have to celebrate something so imaginary every year? Isn’t every day a good day to remember? Why can’t I express joy every other day? Why do we have to write down and memorize the date?

I am sure a lot of us were in a situation when our better half expected a gift on our anniversary, and we totally forgot about this day. It’s comical, yet tragic for some sentimental girls out there. You don’t want her to register on some single mom dating site because of your forgetfulness, right? What anniversary gifts you should buy? Should you make this day festive or not go overboard? These and other questions will be covered in this article.

Why Is It So Important to Remember the Anniversary? 

When I tell you that remembering your anniversary is important, you should believe it. And no, we don’t memorize it just for the sake of it. We are not doing prison time, so to do crossing out sticks on the wall is not the case.

The date itself is a very formal reason. We need to memorize the day of our anniversary just to show our better half how memorable spending time with them is for us. We need to reflect on the good and bad sides, remember funny stories, and recollect memories of how it all started. 

Best Ideas for Your Anniversary

Let’s say you are a dutiful partner. Here comes another question: what are the best anniversary gifts for her? Should you buy anniversary gifts by year? What message you should put into your presents?

  • Party with best friends

If you are a social couple, then engage your friends in the process of celebration. Collect a team of your best friends, co-workers, and family members. Make sure all of them are people she likes. Throw a big party with music, presents, and delicious food. She will be pleased to receive 5-year anniversary gifts from every friend that knows and loves your couple (unless you want to make it an intimate event). 

  • Dancing class

Dancing classes are usually chosen as 3rd-anniversary gifts because throughout the years, you want to remind her how passionate and loving your relationships are. Ignite that sparkle again. Buy her a beautiful dress and ask her to dance with you. Make it as passionate as you can.

  • Balloon ride

This is one of the best one-year anniversary gifts. It is very romantic and literally breathtaking. Throw on a fancy jacket which you can offer to your lady early in the morning. Take a bottle of champagne with you, some flowers and strawberry. It will be spectacular!

  • Restaurant

The restaurant seems like a casual event, but it can be one of the best anniversary gifts, especially if you usually stay in, or have a constant routine with kids. Don’t be stingy and choose a really fancy restaurant with orchestra music and beautiful serving. Leave her a note and a dress on the bed, inviting to the best place in the city. I am sure she will like it! It sounds a lot like romantic movies. 

  • Photography Class

This is one of the more creative yearly anniversary gifts for her. A photography class can be a sensual time, especially if you are taught how to take nude photos. Yes, there are classes like that. Just make sure the teacher will be escorted out of the room.

Great Anniversary Gifts Ideas

Depending on your preferences, budget, and time spent together, here are some good anniversary gifts you can present to your lady.

1. Present an album of your mutual memories. What a sentimental and cute gift to give to the person you love the most? This will suit not only for the first-anniversary gifts ideas but will be great for people who have spent years together. Collect all the photos in which you are smiling and enjoying life, starting with the first month of dating. It can go up to ten years (phew, that would be a lot of work!) Make sure you’ve collected all the best memories. Place your photos by year. Make sure you choose a cute album. You can also make remarks, little drawings, and stickers. That would be a nice touch. 

2. Spa day

You have the opportunity to invite your better half to a pumper day. Book massage, face masks, clay baths – whatever you think is a good idea. Have deep relaxation during this day. Make sure your significant other feels totally comfortable, that she doesn’t do a lot of work. Let her understand you appreciate everything she does for your couple. Make her feel rewarded for doing choirs, helping out with kids, making good food, because all of it is hard work. Or, if you don’t live together yet and have a shared household, it’s just another opportunity to chill. 

3. A fun ride

If you want to feel that child-like joy, invite your better half to an amusement park, no matter how old or serious you are. Unravel the kid inside you. Ride the rollercoaster, visit a Ferris wheel to get that city view, take lots of photos, go to a scary room, eat lots of popcorn, popsicles, take selfies with animals, choose fun and bright outfit. Forget about all your worries for this day and let good memories stay with you for years. 

4. Make matching pendants

Not everyone can do matching tattoos with each other’s names (and, honestly, not the best idea). But if you want to make a personalized gift that will remind you that you are loved and waited at home, offer a pair of pendants with your names. It can be a ring, a bracelet with letters – everything you want. Just do something they can hold on to through hard times and let them remember you are always there for them. 

5. A cozy homemade dinner

Who said men don’t cook? Pull out your dusty cookbook and make sure you read the measurements right. If you can cook, then it should be no problem. But if you have little time and don’t want to mess this up, just order her favorite meals, some desserts, and beverages. Choose a romantic movie, bring popcorn and blankets. Make this a cozy heaven.  All in all, it doesn’t really matter what you do for an anniversary. It matters that you remember such an important date, put thought and care into it, pay attention to details and truly love your person. Have a good anniversary!