Best Places to Find Foreign Ladies for Marriage

Women from abroad always attract gentlemen. These foreign ladies come from different sides of the globe across the world, they always exude exoticism, uniqueness, and rare beauty. And it doesn’t matter where they come from – a foreign girlfriend will give you something else; something you don’t have in your country.

That is why in the era of Internet communication, men prefer linking up with foreign girls. And it is so easy to log in and start international connection – something our grandparents would only dream of! We live in an era of a true blessing. Now if you want to meet Russian girls for marriage, you only have to wish for it. Dating is beyond borders nowadays. 

Why Do Men Like Girls from Abroad?

International dating has become so popular because men get interested in different cultures, different appearances, they like foreign accents, and are attracted to multilingual women. 

It may happen that a series of relationships in your motherland always failed, and you couldn’t help but wonder, “What’s wrong with me? Am I cursed? Will I ever find a wife?”

The good news is that maybe you just have a mentality of a foreigner. For example, if you are living in a very liberal and tolerant country, you don’t have much opportunity to show your manly side, not being accused of machismo. But if you find a foreign wife, your traditional side will be approved. 

Best Countries for Dating 

So what is the best country for a foreign wife? Men argue about that. There is no “perfect female” land, unfortunately, and everyone has different tastes as to what nationality they should choose. But some lands have women that are simply legendary and well-spoken of all over the world. These are the countries to find a foreign wife in.

  • Russia

Russian girls are truly iconic. They exude healthy beauty, self-love, and strong will. They are powerful, wise, and very homely. Family and home stand above the law for Russian women. They will fight for their man tooth and nail. Russians don’t give up on their friends and relatives. A sudden divorce is not their style. Russian women are loyal and balanced when it comes to leaving family life. But if you insult her, she will show you pride and give you a cold shoulder, so you should better be gentle with this woman. 

  • Ukraine

Ukrainian women are said to be the most beautiful creatures. Ukrainians are girly, graceful, and charming, yet extremely goal-focused and intended to fight for a better life. Ukrainians are believed to be very hard-working, so you can expect her to do something around the house. Ukrainian women love to find a balance between their career and family. As well as Russians, Ukrainian women believe that family comes first. 

  • China

Chinese women are very different because some of them grew up on the mainland, and others were raised in Hong Kong, or overseas. But what unites all Chinese women is their approach to family and the outer world. Chinese females are very traditional and home-oriented, yet many of them become entrepreneurs at a young age. They are worried about their image, so everything in your household will be top-notch. 

  • India

Indian women are often perceived as fragile flowers, waiting for their prince all their life. Yes, family comes first for this nation of traditions, but additionally, every Indian female is oriented to find a good, well-paid and stable profession, and she will demand the same from her husband. Indian girls love kids, they are modest and very close to their roots. 

  • Japan

Japanese girls often impersonate the standard of what a true woman should be like. They are very tender and gentle, soft-spoken, family-oriented, don’t like quarrels and drama. Japanese girls are extremely beautiful and like to stay that way for the longest time. They are young at heart, but very hard-working and realistic when it comes to everyday life. 

Difficulties in Relations with Girls Abroad

When you go abroad, or just search for foreign country dating sites, what possible difficulties you can stumble upon? 

1. Language barrier

Not every foreigner knows English, and that’s a fact. If you search for an international wife, don’t expect her to own a master’s degree in English literature and read Byron poetry. Cut her some slack. Language knowledge will come eventually. Use a translator or ask for a translator’s service. 

2. Different cultures

Remember that what is perceived normal in your country may come as a shock for a foreign girl. Try to learn about cultural differences first. What are the biggest pet-peeves for a Chinese woman? What are the superstitions in Japan? Make sure you’ve overviewed the topic of each discussion and drew conclusions. 

3. Distance

Distance may be the biggest problem of international connection. If you’ve met in real life, how many times a year are you planning to visit her country? Will you be able to fly her over to yours? And if you’ve found your girl on an international dating site, how do you see your day-to-day connection? 

4. Physical distance

Since you are not able to hold each other’s hand, talk in person, and cuddle, would you still be able to keep the sobriety of your thoughts and fidelity? Does platonic love stand above your physical needs? Think it over twice and never hurt a person behind that computer screen.

5. Different expectations

Before moving in with a foreign lady, talk about the goals you pursue in marriage. Is it just convenience to start a new life in a bigger country? Do you want children too? Make sure you are talking about the same things to not be disappointed in your marriage. 

Where to Find Foreign Ladies for Dating?

Okay, let’s imagine you’ve weighed out all pros and cons. What should you do next? Where to find a foreign girlfriend? 

Dating services

Foreign dating sites are made to connect people on a professional level. You get a whole package: an assistant, a supervisor, a translator – all those people expect you to pay for a better life. In return, they will gladly connect you with a girl of any nationality, age, weight, height – whatever your standards require. But you don’t need all that fuss most of the time. A free international dating site would do the job just as good. 

Dating apps

If you don’t want other people to be involved, just cut it down to one-on-one conversations. Log in to some dating apps (there are thousands of them nowadays), read reviews and hope for the best. 

Social media 

Apps like Instagram or Snapchat are used just to share photos and videos, but who said you can’t find a wife there? Be bold to send a message to a girl you like, and she will answer an interesting foreign man, especially if you maintain your image and feed.

So, you can find a wife everywhere. It’s not just a foreign girlfriend website that provides such an opportunity. Remember: where there’s a will there’s a way.