How To Choose The Best Objective Lens For Your Hunting Rifle?

There are several aspects to shooting over long distances with accuracy. The invention of rifle scopes has tremendously improved our shooting accuracy over long ranges. However, it has also thrown up a whole lot of new variables that all need to be perfectly set in order to hit the bullseye. Thus, to get all the settings right, we first need to understand how the scopes work and what difference its different parts can make to the shooting accuracy. One of the most important parts of the scope is the objective lens. This refers to the lens that faces the target. It is the lens through which the light rays enter the scope and form the image of the target for us to see. Let us now take a look at how to choose the rifle scope with the right objective lens diameter for your hunting needs.

32 mm Diameter Lens:

The 32 mm Diameter objective lens is the smallest possible one that we can mount on modern rifles. Old rifles can take in 30 mm lenses but they are out of fashion these days. The 32 mm lens allows very little light to pass through and hence can work only in fully lit conditions such as during bright sunny days. However, since it is small, the scope weight very less and so can go well with lightweight rifles. The scope also rests close to the barrel, which makes it very stable and easy to mount on your shoulder for shooting.

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40 – 44 mm Diameter Lens:

This is the gold standard for most modern rifles. These scopes let in a good amount of light to enter and thus allow for shooting in considerably low light such as during dark cloudy days as well. The image is clearer and the scope is sufficiently close to the barrel so as to not affect the stability of the rifle too much. The rifle starts to get heavier though but it can still be mounted comfortably on our shoulders when shooting.

50 – 75 mm Diameter Lens:

These scopes are huge and are only used when shooting over extremely long distances of around a mile or more. They are super heavy and you will definitely need a mount to place the rifle as it cannot be mounted on your shoulder when shooting. However, the large lens allows for maximum amount of light to enter the scope and thus you can use it to shoot in extremely low light conditions as well.